Welcome to Radical Hotel for Dogs

Who loves dogs? They're just so damn adorable aren't they? Haha, they honestly remind me of stuffed animals who have come to life! Golden retrievers, bernese mountain dogs, st. bernards, border collies can all be mistaken for stuffed animals. They have the softest fur ever lol. In this blog I'll talk about the importance of... Continue Reading →


Want something cool to do? Have you ever just gone or rummaged through your closet only to find what amazing old mysteries you have. Lol, I said rummaged not that you're a dog. I've been hanging out with a lot of dogs haha. Well, dogs usually find amazing mysteries while rummaging through closets, cabinets, and... Continue Reading →

Do not underestimate power of calmness

Does anyone have a stressful life? I'm sure people do. There is something called calmness. If there was just a class on calmness, I'm sure everyone would learn to tackle problems, have respect for each other, and have a happy life. As a girl who wants women to be empowered and stop letting people underestimate... Continue Reading →

It’s a Win/Win Situation

One suggestion that I was given was to type up a blog to help other bloggers out. I'm not the best out of everyone, but I'm indeed always a better version of myself year after year.I am just typing this blog as a novice blogger. I do indeed write a lot, but do not share... Continue Reading →

Who wants to be Boss?

So yeah I combined calligraphy & doterra oils in this! They say women have a lot of emotions! Hell yeah we do! That’s why we can empathize & understand people! Promoting EMPOWERED WOMEN who can achieve anything in the world diffuser blend. Who wants to be boss? Who wants to rule the world? Hey, dudes,... Continue Reading →

Tip of a life time

Hey everybody, Has anybody felt energy is down? Well, interesting fact of life is... surround yourself with positive people? Why? Because the more you surround yourself with positive vibes, the more you will attract positive outcomes. The more you focus on negative energy or the more sad you are, you attract more obstacles. Have you... Continue Reading →

Welcome To April Fools 101

I'm back. So, I took a hiatus from posting blogs. I have a busy life which I do not tell everyone about. Yeah so I did get up in the middle of night again. Well, my brain thinks a lot as usual. I'm probably not normal. Anyway, back to the reason I'm here. April fools... Continue Reading →

Feel free from the 🤒

Is your mood down, fever high, stomach upset, not motivated, headache, migraines?Then most probably you have the flu. Most probably the ones in desperate need of help just take the chemical medicines that doctor give them.... Yes, go to the doctor for regular check ups, but itt's sooo important to know that taking vitality supplements... Continue Reading →

Strangest October ever

Well I am random as my web said... I mean I'm explaining a halloween story when it's January haha. The reason why I'm telling this story now is because I'm quite random. I actually did publish a hard cover book on his kitten when I was 11. I'll post a picture when I'm home. Has... Continue Reading →

From the Perspective of Radical Magical

Warning: This article is meant to make you unhappy  Jk: It’s meant to brighten your day Here's a short story I would like to tell. (Well besides Radical, I recieved another nick name(Mrs. Story teller from someone) Once upon a time, in a far, faraway kingdom lived a princess named Radhika (Rah-di-cah). Yeah right, who... Continue Reading →

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