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Feel free from the flu

Is your mood down, fever high, stomach upset, not motivated, headache, migraines?Then most probably you have the flu. Most probably the ones in desperate need of help just take the chemical medicines that doctor give them.... Yes, go to the doctor for regular check ups, but itt's sooo important to know that taking vitality supplements... Continue Reading →

Strangest October ever

Well I am random as my web said... I mean I'm explaining a halloween story when it's January haha. The reason why I'm telling this story now is because I'm quite random. I actually did publish a hard cover book on his kitten when I was 11. I'll post a picture when I'm home. Has... Continue Reading →

From the Perspective of Radical Magic

Warning: This article is meant to make you unhappy  Jk: It’s meant to brighten your day Here's a short story I would like to tell. (Well besides Radical, I recieved another nick name(Mrs. Story teller from someone) Once upon a time, in a far, faraway kingdom lived a princess named Radhika (Rah-di-cah). Yeah right, who... Continue Reading →

An equation that Equals Me

 ++ Hey everyone, So this may sound quite cheesy, but I came up with an equation on what makes me, me! Well it all started when people thought my name was "Radical" instead of "Radhika" So in order to remember it they would all think of Radical without the L. I know, funny right? ........ Continue Reading →

Natural Solutions for an Amazing Life

      Are you into natural solutions?...or let me ask you this. Are you into solutions free of chemicals? Well you’re at the right spot. Doterra offers natural solutions for health and environment. Doterra is an amazing company that helps the environment and cares for it’s people. Doterra is a striving company that empowers... Continue Reading →

Build up your courage like your stamina

Sometimes life is like the hunger games. You come across one obstacle after another... & I mean doesn't every college student? & don't you always think strong people are the only ones that overcome them? Well, thought about it and I thought part of this may be courage.So, I came across this quote "Nobody descent... Continue Reading →

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