Welcome to Radical Hotel for Dogs

Who loves dogs? They’re just so damn adorable aren’t they? Haha, they honestly remind me of stuffed animals who have come to life! Golden retrievers, bernese mountain dogs, st. bernards, border collies can all be mistaken for stuffed animals. They have the softest fur ever lol. In this blog I’ll talk about the importance of being a responsible owner and how fun it is to take care of one. If you’re a vivacious, happy, and responsible person, then a dog is for you. Here’s just an idea of a dogs life.

So I started this just for fun side business on weekends/sometimes flexible weekdays for the sake of my love of stuffed animal cuties! NYC is the best place to do this! The whole point was because I’ve always loved dogs my whole life. However, I only wanted to get a dog when I was ready to get one meaning that my dog could rely on me to be there and I would not abandon him or her ending up visiting twice a year (when I went away for college) As it is, dogs are there only part of your life and you are there their whole life. I don’t mean you’re going to be there for your dog 24/7. Obviously that’s why people hire dog nannies, baby sitters, LOL. That’s where I come in (My very own “Radical Hotel for Dogs”). I also travel a lot so I wouldn’t really want to have a puppy just yet as they grow up pretty fast. It’s as if they’re a mini fluffy little dog & the next thing is, they’re bam… a life size elephant… ( okay well in some cases depending on the breed… especially those enormous Alaskan malamutes… )

Hmmm, what’s up at the so called “Radical Hotel”? Well, your dog gets facials and full back massages. Haha. They also get to go jogging with me in the morning if they are active. Walks are usually 4-5 times daily ( that is required especially for a house trained dog) yes, yes it is a lot of work-waking up at 5 ams, 7ams, playing hide n’ seek, feeding the dog, going out for more 15-30 minute walks, (all this while having my real life job along with studying). I always take care of house trained dogs as I obviously did not want to take a chance of my house to be turned into a zoo or furniture to be ruined. So before getting a dog, it’s definitely important to factor in time for a dog trainer to train your puppy. You’re going to want someone to either take care of your puppy while you’re away or be there majority of the time during it’s training period.

After all these experiences, it made realize that dog is a lot of work. So my advice is that before you get a dog, take care of a few or volunteer at a dog shelter! This way, you’ll learn what kind of leashes best suite the dog, how to get their attention, and what to feed them. I had to take care of one year old puppy and boy did she love chasing after squirrels. Definitely get a harness ( step in leash for large breed dogs) this way you have a tight grip & feel more safe walking large dogs. I also feel before anyone gets a dog, one has to learn to be very alert as you never know if another dog will sneak up behind you. If you’re not sure if your dog will get along with another dog always cross streets before approaching another dog. Factor in time for taking the puppy to the vet, grooming salon every week, dog park.. hey if you’re getting one of those golden retrievers like I really want then you must do all this so that he or she gets the best life ever from a responsible/ fun loving owner!

Also, dogs can sense animal lovers! They won’t bark at you cause they know you love them. For more intricate details on taking care of your dog, ask a vet, always google, use Pinterest, and have trainer you can talk to.

Btw: if you enjoyed reading please subscribe to my blogs or simply comment on ways I can improve my blogs. Thanks for reading. See ya! … & I know the pictures of the dogs are soo serious, but they actually love running and wagging their tales in the snap videos I have of them… so yes I’m fun according to their opinions

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