Natural Solutions for an Amazing Life

oil      Are you into natural solutions?…or let me ask you this. Are you into solutions free of chemicals? Well you’re at the right spot. Doterra offers natural solutions for health and environment. Doterra is an amazing company that helps the environment and cares for it’s people. Doterra is a striving company that empowers and educates people on pure natural solutions. They not only empower people, but invest in science and research. …Think about it… Can you tell the difference between fake gold and real gold, fake Coach, Gucci bags? You can right?  Actually let me ask you this, do you prefer to buy shoes that would be worn out in a month or good quality shoes that last you a few years? People do not realize this, but people actually end up spending more money in a year if they buy a cheaper quality shoe. Do you seriously want to end up buying the same item every 2 months when you can use that cash for something different. Well I know I would not. Would you prefer a a white shirt that can easily have stains removed or a cheaper quality white shirt that can be ruined quickly? the higher priced good white fabric shirt that is most probably polyester right? Same way, Doterra offers natural solutions and you can tell are authentic not only by the look of the bottle, but by the smell. Not only that! You can use doterra essential oils aromatically, topically, and internally. How many oils can do that with? Do you want to be healthy and avoid on going to the doctor frequently?I would! I’m not saying never go to the doctor. Definitely go for regular check ups, but avoid being sick every so often. Do you love nature, do you love saving the environment, Do you care about what you breathe in?  Did you know your emotions are highly impacted on what we smell and breathe in. Essential oils are mixtures aromatic volatile compounds that interact with our olfactory receptors in the nose. Our olfactory system is connected to our limbic system in the brain (Doterra). Try Doterra. Help bring balance to your body and health. Feel great, energized, and happy.

The question you may be thinking is “How can we trust Doterra?” Well Doterra is a very cautious company that uses Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) oils. They go through rigorous tests and third party testing. Want to learn more about how Doterra testing? Well here’s a link: CPTG TESTING

Do you believe in them now? Amazing right? I’ve been using all these oils for the past 2 months and as a result I feel stress free, focused, and motivated. Not only do I use the oils, but I take essential nutrients that EVERYONE NEEDS. These include Apha CRS, Microplex VMx, and Omega. We all have a deficiency of certain amount of nutrients in our body so our Vitality pack includes all nutrients that

  • Alpha CRS which “supports healthy cell proliferation and to support a healthy cellular inflammatory response” (Doterra).
  • Omega 3 contains essential oils including clove which is the world’s # 1 antioxidant. The benefits include healthy cardiovascular, immune, joint, and brain support (Doterra).
  • Microplex contains nutrients that we have a deficiency of in our contemporary diets.It includes a patented or secured enzyme delivery system (Dottera).

Fact: dōTERRA is on the Forbes list of America’s Best Midsize Employers at #10(Purvis)

Feel awesome by using natural solutions. Start today.Feel free to contact wellness advocate : Radhika at

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